Jewelry Repairs

A lot of jewelry stores say they do jewelry repair, in reality, most stores send the repairs out or off- premises. We pride ourselves on in-house repair services. We have four jewelers working in the store with over 130 years of experience combined. We understand Jewelry Repairs and the mechanics of how repairs are done. We are skilled enough to see what should be done so we can give you a quote before doing the work. We do fine jewelry, ring resizing, stone setting, prong work, replace missing stones, chain repair, solder rings together, repair breaks, clasp repair, arthritic jewelry alternatives, and more.

 Dean & Chris are our full time jewelers while Steven, Bryce, Sarah & Sophia focus on customer service and meeting your needs.  This helps keep our repair turn around in a reasonable timeframe. We have about a week turn around on most of our jewelry repair and if the repair will take us longer we will notify you. Once the repair is done we can call or text you to let you know. All repairs are kept in a safe at night during the repair process and after the repair is done as it waits to be picked up. Your jewelry is our priority. We will make your jewelry look like it did the day you bought it. 

 We are able to do laser welding in-house. This makes it easier for us to do our job but it also makes it possible for us to do repairs that others cannot. With the laser we are able to fix jewelry that the traditional torch does not allow. The laser also allows us to re-tip prongs that are platinum, which cannot be done with a traditional torch. Most jewelry stores re-tip platinum prongs with white gold. 

 There are many jewelry repairs that require stones to be pulled to work on the piece. Sometimes we can do the task with the laser. This means less work to pull and reset stones, saving us time and you money.

 We recommend bringing your jewelry in for a free professional clean every 3 months. You will be amazed at what a difference a good cleaning will do to your rings. It really brings out the shine. We love making your jewelry look beautiful. So stop by and see that sparkle with your own eyes.