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We Take Pride In Providing The Best Service, Quality, & Atmosphere For Our Guests.
I have been a customer of Hendrickson’s jewelry for 31 yrs. Dean has always taken great care of me and my family. And my recent experience was no different. Thank you!-
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Tonia Nicholson

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Happy customers“I was recommended Hendrickson’s from a friend when preparing to shop for an engagement ring. Not knowing where to begin, I walked into Hendrickson’s and was greeted by one of the best shopping experiences of my life. Sophia instantly made me feel welcome, and worked at my pace. We came up with ideas for a ring, but part way through I changed plans and wanted to include a family diamond to use on the ring.

Hendrickson’s was able to fully customize and create a beautiful ring from scratch! Perfect customer service, great prices, and beautiful workmanship makes my experience with Hendrickson’s top rate.”

A happy customer“I Love *Hendrickson’s Fine Jewelry*, for more reasons than one. The attention that My Son & I get is outstanding. A pleasant atmosphere. Everyone that Works there very professional and has always made me happy with the work that they do. *Chris M.* is my go to guy, which I met over the phone when inquiring the very first time. I just love all of the employees & owner of this FINE JEWELRY STORE. I tell you, if you’ve never experienced this store, you need to! I don’t think you’ll find anything like this very professional staff. Thank you guys for  everything!”

Happy Customers “Hendrickson’s Fine Jewelry is more than a jewelry store, they turn into family. I have been a family member of Hendrickson’s for 15 years now. I have had countless custom pieces made by Dean and his amazing team for not only myself but my own family and close friends. They keep me coming back for more with their professionalism, their quality and their prices! No one I have ever encountered has gotten the fine service Hendrickson’s offers if the have gone to any other jewelry store. I would highly recommend anyone to Hendrickson’s Fine Jewelry, you certainly won’t be disappointed!”
A happy customer“We’ve been customers at Hendrickson’s Fine Jewelry for over 20 years and use them for all of our jewelry purchases. Dean Hendrickson created a custom ring for our 25th anniversary that will be a family heirloom, and gets comments from friends and acquaintances wherever we go. I can’t count the number of times in friendly gatherings where most of the people there have jewelry they’ve bought through Hendrickson’s Jewelry. The comments are usually “I love them! They do all my jewelry!” Whether for custom items, gifts, or repairs, we always go to Hendrickson’s Fine Jewelry.”

A happy customer

“Everyone is very professional, the jewelry is beautiful and the quality of the repairs is awesome. I recommend Hendrickson’s for all your jewelry needs. Hendrickson’s is one of a kind & everyone is great to work with”

Happy Customer“I really appreciated the personalized service I got at Hendrickson Jewelers. I got great service from Chris, who seem to know exactly what I wanted to have done! Thank you so much for the great work at such a busy time of year.”

Happy Customers“Hendrickson’s Fine Jeweler is more than a Jewelry store, it’s family. I’ve know both Dean and Sarah for years. They are the only people I trust to take care of my jewelry and purchase new jewelry from. I recently in trusted them with the last piece of fine jewelry I have from my mom who passed this year. They made it look like new! They care about you as person not just about making a sale. They are and will always be My Jewelry Store, they should be yours as well! By the way, Shooter is great too!”

A happy customer with his dog“Do yourself a favor and come see these wonderful folks. Sarah has been my jeweler for 10 yrs now and she is the only one I trust. Hey look, as a guy, we usually do not have a clue when it comes to nice jewelry for our spouses. Sarah has a gift for picking out just the right piece. And, whether it’s just installing a battery in a watch or picking out the perfect piece, these guys will treat you right. In an age where big box stores are taking over, it’s nice to be able to come to a place where you get one on one attention and they actually care about taking care of their customers”

A happy customer

“We had the pleasure of working with Sarah here! She helped us with resizing my engagement ring, coming up with a custom wedding band and helped find the perfect fit for my fiancĂ©es wedding band! We couldn’t recommend Hendrickson’s and working with Sarah more. So so happy, thank you Sarah!”

A happy customer“I don’t know how to describe such a warm and emotional experience I’ve had with Jessica Craig. She hand engraved a necklace for me with a spell surprise on the back of the tag. Personable and loving is what you can expect from her and everyone in this store. Thank you for your generosity and your time”

A happy customer review

“Over the top customer service! Top quality products! No need to shop anywhere else! Jewelers know their craft and do their magic restoring and/or changing the look to something new! Love Hendrickson’s Jewelry!”

A happy customerHendricksons Fine Jewelry was a great experience. The professional staff was so kind, experienced & efficient w/ our most recent purchase.
Sarah H., once again did not diss-appoint. Rather, she designed & created a custom ring that turned out beautiful and exceeded my expectations. The upgrade is for our 25th wedding anniversary celebration and is improved but still very sentimental. We both love it and could not be happier w/ the outcome. It was even ready before she said it would be. Thank you again. Kim and Cal

A customer getting marriedI was recommended Hendrickson by a friend after talking with jewelers all over the valley about my custom wedding band. After meeting with jade, I knew I loved the family aspect of the company and the prices were unbeatable. I had a general idea of what I wanted but with the 3D renderings and a few minor changes I made, they made it come to life. They made sure to keep me updated through process as it was being built. I got the text yesterday that it was really and it is absolutely stunning exactly want I wanted. Not to mention, the price came in LOWER then expected. I loved working with Jade and I will definitely be coming back. Thanks to the Hendrickson family!!-

A happy customer

“I can ALWAYS count on having an amazing experience when I visit Hendrickson’s Fine Jewelry! They made me a custom gorgeous wedding ring years ago, an incredibly delicate set of earrings incorporating pearl, my birthstone, and elk’s ivory, and then recently replaced a lost pearl from an inexpensive, but deeply meaningful, ring my daughter gave me for Christmas. Each time I was helped with expertise and an easy-going, non-pressured manner. I would HIGHLY recommend going to them for their great jewelry selection or any jewelry repair.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Hendrickson’s we have 4 in-house Goldsmiths that have done miracles with jewelry. This allows us to do our own repairs and not have to send things out. It also allows us to size rings and other jewelry right when you buy it. You can also view the goldsmiths work on projects through the windows. Even with in house repairs we are about 2 weeks out on repairs once they are dropped off.

Yes, we have many vendors that we use. You can look at our top vendors on our vendor page. We are also part of a Group of Jewelers that are spread across USA that help each other find designs and products.

We promise most jewelry repairs to be finished in 2 weeks at Hendrickson’s. This is due to the number of repairs we receive each day. Also, we need to do a deep clean on all the jewelry so we do not stain or damage your jewelry when repairing. We check the repairs to make sure that everything is done right, and no issues are found with them. You can get your repair moved to the front of the line with a *Rush fee. But even with a Rush fee you would be looking at a minimum of *48 hours for repairs to be done. 

*Rush fee charge and time frame depends on the repair that is needed.

We mainly deal with Gold (Yellow, White, or Rose) and Platinum. We have two lasers that allow us to do repairs to platinum jewelry that the standard torch jeweler can’t do. Sterling silver is another metal we are able to work on but we cannot always repair silver pieces due to the strength vs. brittleness of it.

Yes, any Member of our team is educated enough to both inspect and clean your jewelry. We recommend you bring your jewelry in at least twice a year to be cleaned and looked at. The best months to remember to clean them are April and October
 the scary months (Taxes and Halloween). With that in mind we never charge for any cleaning and would love to clean any jewelry, any time you bring it in. We will also inspect the jewelry as we clean it.

When it comes to your older jewelry you no longer wear, or just keep in a jewelry box, we have a few options to help. We can examine it to see if it is something that we can sell for you in our estate jewelry area. You can also reuse your gold and stone to make a new custom piece of jewelry that you would enjoy wearing. This adds a sentimental aspect to your new jewelry by having the same stones or gold from an older piece in your new design. The last option is we can buy the gold (even broken jewelry), or trade the gold for a new piece of jewelry.