What Makes Jewelry Special?

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What makes jewelry special? There are many things that we want to purchase in life. So what makes jewelry different?

Let’s start with the fact that everyone has their “Priorities” in life. What is yours? Is it traveling the world, new clothes, a cool new vehicle, boat or RV? These are all great things that make us feel like we are working for something, other than paying bills. Let’s take a vacation! The memories last a lifetime. But there is nothing you physically take with you from this experience. Let’s say you purchase something to remind you of the vacation. Would it mean anything to a family member that didn’t go on that vacation with you? No one can inherit your memories. With COVID-19, unfortunately, vacations are more of a staycation now days. We have even had some friends say they are wearing their vacation on their finger this year. Let’s go shopping and buy some new clothes! How long do they last before they wear out or go out of style? How about a new vehicle, boat or RV…Great idea! But they wear out, too. Sure they can be fixed but it can never be brand new again.

Family Signet Gold Ring
Family Signet Ring Made A New
A pendant of three gold hearts with diamonds
Necklace Using Family Gold
A Ring with the letter "Z" with birthstones
Designer Ring With Birthstones

Now, let’s head to the jewelry store! Jewelry can last for generations. It can be passed down to family members. If styles change or the piece has been worn out, we can use the gold or platinum and stones to make something brand new. Sentimentally speaking, it’s still the metal and stones that mom wore. When we wear our jewelry it shows up in pictures throughout our lives. Sure, the background changes, the clothes change, everyone gets a bit older. But, the jewelry is consistently in the photos. How precious is it that the gold I have put into something for me at one time was my dad’s wedding band. I have many pictures of him wearing that. That, my friends, is why jewelry is different than anything else.

A pendant of a cross
The Front Of Sarah's Pendant
A pendant cross
Sarah's Fathers Wedding Band Melted To The Back Of The Pendant
A gold diamond wedding ring
Sarah's Wedding Ring
My great-great granddaughter could be wearing my wedding ring someday and I might not even get the chance meet her. But, she will know about me. Jewelry is about memories. It makes us feel good & gives us warm fuzzies. It reminds us of a happy or exciting time. I bet you never forgot when and where you proposed to her. Or the piece of jewelry that was under the Christmas tree 2 years ago.