Birthstones In The USA

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Why did I get stuck with Peridot?

When it comes to birthstone it feels like we really don’t have a choice. We are born on this one day and that is the stone or gem that is associated with that month. Now some people get lucky and get a diamond for their birthstone because they are born in April. A diamond is a treasured gem stone that is used for many occasions. Unlike the diamond August birthstone is a Peridot, which is the most controversial on liked birthstone. We can debate on what gem stone is better than the rest but the question behind Birthstones is, why did each month got the gem stone?

Birthstone Chart

When you look up a birthstone chart many versions come up with just minor changes. The prominent one was actually published in 1912 in the U.S. by the American Jewelry Association. At this point it was also introduced that you should wear your birthstone all year. Previously it was recommended to wear the stone for each month that month. An Individual would have 12 different ring, necklaces, earring or brooches that had one of the birthstones in it. For those that have a holistic view of the Gem stones, wearing them during their designated mouth would enhance the power from them. 

When did birthstones start?

When did stones for each month start? Well in western civilizations it is believed it can be traced back to early Judaism with the breastplate of Aaron.  It had twelve stones on it to represent the 12 tribes. Then with Christianity came the 12 apostles, they each had a stone to represent them. When the Gregorian calendar was introduced in the 15th century it was believed that the stones then represented a month. As technology increased supply and demand happened, some stones were moved to other months, dropped from the list, or replaced. Many old writings described and listed stones that names were not uniformed across the world so society did their best at finding what they we referencing. As the world advances, the supply and demand changes and the birthstone chart will change.
The U.S. birthstone chart is not the only chart. There are many charts across different countries, religions and beliefs that reference stones and gems for certain times. Another popular chart is the zodiac chart. There is a chart that is related to what zodiac sign you are and the stone you should wear. There is also a Day of the week chart that can relate to what day you were born on or what day it currently is.
There are so many different lists out there. It is really about what is available and what society will accept. If you don’t like the stone that is related to your birth month do some more research and find one that speaks to you. If you want to complete your collection of birth stones come and visit us. We have a superb collection in our store for you to pick from.