Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry is one of our specialties!  If you are hunting for the perfect gift for that special someone or wanting to have a unique jewelry piece, we can help you out.

Here at Hendrickson’s, our staff can help with making your dream ring. We create each piece unique to the individual. Jewelry is an extension of the wearer, and we want to make sure it shows.

Dean has been doing custom designs since he was young. He was self-taught at hand carving wax jewelry designs. Sophia has now taken up the tool in the footsteps of her father to start hand carving custom jewelry. We do use other technology also. Over the years, CAD (Computer-aided design) and 3-D Printing has upgraded and sped up the process. The CAD process is the only part we do not do onsite. We use the President-CEO of The Jewelry CAD Institute for our CAD work. We are involved with every step to make sure that the computer-generated pictures are going to be the reality that you have pictured in your mind. 

When you hire us to create a custom design, you can expect it to be done in 4-6 weeks (on average). We start out with a meeting with you to talk about what you want to design. If you have examples of what you like, we are able to take different components of other rings and combine them for you. Once we get an idea of your style, we will look at the stones we will be using. We deal in natural diamonds, lab diamonds, and other gemstones. You can choose the one you love. Once we have the basic design and stones picked, we will have a CAD image made up of computerized images of what your piece will look like. The image is merely that, an image. In the Picture, the stones shown will not be the stones you picked; they are just place holders so you can see the design. Another part is the Prongs will look very high. This is so that we can fold and shape the prongs over the stone once it has been cast. We can edit and tweak the design before it is printed if it is not what you were thinking. Once you have approved the design, we will get it 3-D printed in wax. It takes about 2-3 weeks once we have the wax for Dean to cast the ring in gold and set all the stones. Last but not least we make sure the final product fits you perfectly. 

We understand the emotional aspect of personalized jewelry. If you have a piece you don’t wear, a mother’s ring, or jewelry that has been passed down and isn’t your style, we can use the metal and stones to make something new and even more sentimental. We understand the love and history of a particular piece of jewelry may be why you have held onto something. We can take the jewelry that you don’t wear and use it in the custom jewelry. Bring in those pieces so we can sit down and design your perfect ring. This will help lower the cost plus you can now enjoy it.

 Custom designing is an art unto itself. Our jewelers are extremely talented and fun to work with. They will help you with the jewelry project you have been dreaming about.

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