Meet Our Family


Owner at Hendricksons Fine Jewelry

Dean Hendrickson

I was raised in McCall Idaho. When I was 12 years old, my parents bought me a silver jewelry making kit. Designing jewelry has been in my blood ever since. I am an artist at heart. The challenge and creativity are what inspires me to come to the office every day. Some say I work too much…but I love it, so I hardly feel like I am working.

In 1984, I decided to make jewelry a career rather than just a hobby. I went to a diamond setting school and the following July, I opened Hendrickson’s Fine Jewelry. I can estimate that I have made close to 12,000 rings. Over the years, with every ring I’ve made, I’ve learned something new. It has allowed me to unleash my creativity. I love the challenge to create and repair jewelry. I never get tired of making people smile when I unveil the creation that I have made for them.

There are many jewelry stores. What makes Hendrickson’s unique is that every one of us has a background as jewelers. We are not just salespeople. My goal is to make sure that your job is done correctly. All our repairs and customs are done on premises.

My family is the reason I live. I have 5 beautiful children that are the light of my life. And my wife Sarah shows me every day that there is more to life than work.

Hendrickson's Fine Jewelry Staff photos

Sarah Eshelman

I was born and raised in Kuna and Melba Idaho. My local roots have allowed me to help people in our community with all their jewelry needs since 1993. I have always felt that my customers are more like friends and I strive to be more than just your jeweler. My job isn't just a job…I love doing what I do!

In 1993, I went to Memphis, TN to learn to be a goldsmith (bench jeweler). I believe that having some background in the actual work makes me better at what I do. Understanding how things are put together makes it easier for me to explain what needs to be done to make your piece of jewelry perfect. Nowadays I leave the actual work to the guys, as I missed being up front, helping my friends with their birthdays, anniversaries and engagements. My passion is YOU! Seeing your smile when you come in and the bigger smile when you leave-- that is what I live for!

Why is jewelry so special to me? Jewelry is one of the few things in life that can be handed down from generation to generation. You can mold it to your style and still have grandmas diamond or dad’s gold. The heirloom quality of jewelry is what I love. After 40 years, my father’s wedding band was worn out. He bought a new one and gave me his original one. I melted it down and fused it to the back of my cross pendant. Now my pendant has incredible sentimental value. Jewelry inspires me.

In my free time…I love to be in the mountains. Digging in the dirt to find rocks or occasionally finding a crystal here and there. My husband, Dean is my rock. I love just hanging out with him. Life is easy and relaxing. I feel blessed to have him in my life.

I look forward to being “Your Personal Jeweler”.

Bryce at Hendricksons Fine Jewelry

Bryce Hendrickson

Hi I’m Bryce Hendrickson, Dean’s second youngest child, but only son. Having been raised right here in the Treasure Valley, I know there’s a lot that makes our area one of the best places to live. From the foothills to the Boise greenbelt, there are hidden gems to explore no matter the season. Being raised by a local jeweler, I grew up around a variety of rare gems. From sapphires rubies to diamonds and pearls, I know that there are no two identical stones out there. Part of what makes this industry so exciting is that along with every stone being unique, no two customers are the same either. Over years of watching my father create custom jewelry, I have developed an artistic eye, seeing the natural beauty of stones & fusing metals to bring to life stories of those who walked through our doors.

My extensive experience working in customer service has taught me many things. The most important being to listen to you so I can truly meet your needs. When I joined Hendrickson’s Fine Jewelry in 2019, I knew that everything I learned in the past would be put to the test! Every day I love coming to work to tackle new challenges, learning more about the industry and terminology. The most exciting challenge for me is improving my skills on the bench, where you’ll find me bringing your ideas and dreams to life.

You’ll hear many people describe their workplace as family, but not many are actually a family. If you’re considering expanding your family by adding a piece of custom fine jewelry I’d highly encourage you to stop in one day, say hi, and meet our family. I guarantee you will be happy you did!

Jade Hendrickson

Howdy! Howdy! I’m Jade Hendrickson, Dean and Sarah’s niece. I was born in Boise and raised in Cascade, Idaho. Being raised in a small town has made me a very outdoors-type of person, and having a rock hound dad and grandpa really helped. Since I was little I have always wanted to work with my family. When I would come down to the store to visit my grandparents, they would give me 10 cents for every diamond I picked up off the shop floor. Sometimes they would even let me clean a ring or the windows, as long as I didn’t use too much Windex. Watching the business grow has always inspired me to be creative with whatever I set my mind to.

My love for jewelry started with a passion for lapidary, but I never really pursued it until I left the food industry. Once I did that I started hard rock mining with my dad. He mined with his dad and it became a way of life for me. I managed a restaurant for quite a while, and knew I longed for a different path. I’ve worked here since December of 2020 and I’m in the process of getting my GIA certification to be a gemologist. If you had asked me then where I thought I would be today my answer would not have been where I’m at now. I took a huge leap of faith and wound up right in the middle of my dream career. This is a place where customers become friends and friends become family. I’m blessed to be able to have the opportunity to be the only person you think of when you have jewelry needs.

Hendrickson's Fine Jewelry Staff photos

Chris Mosby

I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Idaho in 1986. I worked at a downtown Boise deli for a few years but started making silver Christmas ornaments on the side in 1988. They sold very well and led me to employment in jewelry. It was quite a welcomed change from restaurant work, so I kept at it.

I gained a great deal of experience working at a few local stores and was thrilled when I came to Hendrickson's in 2001. I started in the diamond office but was just biding my time till a position opened in the shop. Goldsmithing is quite an adventure, and the love of the work is shown in the magnificence of the finished jewelry... be it a repair or custom, the result is quality workmanship!

Yes, working at family-owned stores is the only way to go, but at Hendrickson's we all feel like family members, and the teamwork is exceptional!

Ben Moore

I grew up in Boise and graduated from Borah High School in 2009. I love the Treasure Valley because it is so close to the mountains. When I am not at work I love to ride my motorcycle and hunt (mostly big game). This is my quite time. The beauty of getting out of the hustle of the city takes me to my happy place.

My wife (Courtney) and my daughter (Sauvi) are the light of my life. Courtney and I met in 2018 and it has been a love affair from the start. Sauvi was born in 2021, she has brought us so much joy! I am grateful to be her Dad. I love spending time with these 2 humans!

In 2017, I went to GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to learn more about diamonds and colored stones. I took the entire course and graduated to a Graduate Gemologist. From there I started learning to set diamonds. This is the part of the business that drives me. I love learning new things as a bench jeweler. I specialize in setting stones and working with the laser welder.

I look forward to helping make sure that your jewelry is in better shape than when you left it with us. I strive for perfection! It would be my pleasure to work on your jewelry.

Hendricksons Staff Jim

Jim Rawlins

Hey! My name is Jim Rawlins. I’m an Idaho native born and raised in Poky! I really enjoy riding my motorcycle with friends or even by myself, whatever it takes to get me out on that open road. Some of my passions include camping in my big ol’ red Chevy, fishing and anything that has to do with the outdoors.

I’ve had jobs across the board from white collar to blue collar but have been in the jewelry business for over 8 years. When I moved back from Salt Lake City, Utah I got a job on the sales floor, but I always longed to build things with my hands. So I asked a local jeweler to teach me and I just picked it up right away.

I have a very kind fun loving family, and I found a kind loving family at Hendrickson’s. My last name might be Rawlins, but now I’m a Hendrickson. Come see me and I will help you with all your jewelry needs!

Jill de Witte

I LOVE JEWELRY! Ever since taking my first jewelry class at 12 years old, I’ve wanted to be in the jewelry business. After working part-time in a local jewelry store through high school, and going to art school, I got my first “real jewelry job” working at the bench when my daughters were little babies. Since then, I’ve worked in sales, management, and ownership in small family owned jewelry stores. When we moved to Idaho, four years ago, I worked at a veterinary clinic until being contacted by Hendrickson’s. Little did I realize how much I truly missed jewelry, the people and… did I mention the jewelry? My husband is also works in the jewelry business as a diamond cutter. I guess you can say that, Jewelry is a family obsession!

I have two daughters who live locally and five grandkids that keep me very happy and busy on Grammy days. Our son doesn’t live locally, yet, but hopefully soon.  We have three dogs, Mason the yellow lab, Rudy the mellow basset hound, and Rita the teeny Chihuahua. I love being outside, walking the dogs, pulling weeds in the garden, and reading. My perfect vacation… a month at the beach!!!

I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your jewelry needs.

Hendricksons Staff Jess

Jess Craig

Hello everyone! My name is Jess and I am the engraver for Hendrickson’s Fine Jewelry. I am married to Dean’s daughter, Trichele. I moved to Idaho at the age of 5. A U. S. Army veteran, I joined the army in 2007-2011 and served as a Military Police Officer at Ft. Campbell KY and for one year in Iraq. After my service, I moved back to my favorite place, Idaho! I love the Treasure Valley and the unique atmosphere that this state has to offer. Camping at Idaho’s lovely sites is one of my favorite activities. I come from an IT background and have 7 years of retail sales experience. I am so excited to be at Hendrickson’s Jewelry. The coolest part about my job is that every project is unique and I get to design amazing custom pieces for our customers. If you have a piece of jewelry or other memento piece that you would like engraved, swing by our store and bring your ideas to me. I look forward to meeting you and creating your perfect engraving.

Shooter Staff Member

Shooter B.

I am a Cotton De Tulear (part of the Bichon Frise family), aka the store mascot. I have been in the jewelry business my entire life. I started at just 5 months old. I love to greet my current friends when they come see me. Every day there are new people for me to sniff and introduce myself to. I try not to bark, but sometimes I need to make sure that my coworkers know that someone is in the store. I sleep a lot but when mom tells me to do my job, I am always happy to wake up and say hello. I love being petted and shown love and I will give the love right back to you. I am a very chillaxed pooch and I enjoy coming to work with my mom and dad every day.

In my free time…I enjoy rides to the mountains, but since I can’t drive I have to wait until mom and dad go so I can tag along. My true passion is playing in my backyard at home chasing squirrels and birds.

I look forward to being your friend. <3

Employee at Hendricksons Fine Jewelry

Steven Sonoda - retired

I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and got into the jewelry industry in 1976. I specialized in Hawaiian heirloom jewelry with enamel and hand engraved designs, and pearls. My mom still lives there so I try to visit her at least once a year. I miss the islands, but I love Idaho. I enjoy working at Hendrickson’s Fine Jewelry with Dean, Chris and Sarah. They feel like Ohana (family) to me. This has been my work home since 1997.

I worked as a goldsmith for most of my career. However, since I started working in the sales side of the jewelry business in 2008, I have discovered a whole new love. The earth’s creations blended with unique custom styles that I’ve helped our customers make are a beauty that moves me. I love the outside-the-box creativity that jewelry allows me to have. I want you to be inspired and moved by the jewelry we create together.

I have 2 other loves in my life. One is my beautiful wife of 41 years and the other is cooking. If I had chosen a different profession, it would have been in the culinary industry. I enjoy doing most of the cooking for our family. My wife and I also belong to a wine group that meets 4 times a year for fun times with friends and learning about wine.

I am now retired after working for Dean for 24 great years. I had a wonderful time helping all the customers over the years. Thank you for the great times!